testimonials“Pitts does a lot of fabrication for us that we don’t have the capabilities or time to do. If we need a quote done on a project or a project done in a hurry, Pitts will always respond to us. They are very economically priced, do quality work and have done several projects for me over the years. I’d say their customer service is top notch, it’s first quality. They’ve done everything from jobs that I need in 6 weeks to jobs I need done this afternoon and they always respond.”Mike Kinard, 2K Machine and Fabrication

“I’ve been working with Pitts Steel for the past 18 years. They are good at fast turnaround, solving problems and helping me engineer out of problems.  I would highly recommend Pitts Steel for any type of fabrication work whether it be something very simple to something very complex. They do good quality work and they are forward looking to solve problems before they arise. Pitts Steel customer service is #1. They will meet me day or evening and because of that I can always rely on them to solve a problem or a need that I have.”James Duckworth, B & D Machine